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Sheena Parveen Bio | Wiki

Sheena Parveen is an American meteorologist. She is currently working for NBC4 News as the station’s weather reporter as well as a forecaster. As a Morning Meteorologist at KNSD, Sheena always reports the weather at 1100 and 1700. She previously served as a Morning Meteorologist at WRC.

Sheena has achieved a lot in her meteorological career, such as being named the best TV weather woman by Main Line Today magazine as well as the new ‘It Girl’ by the Daily News. During her high school years, she was active in different sports including volleyball and soccer. Sheena was as well part of her high school volleyball team.

Sheena Parveen Age

She was born on September 23, 1987, in India. Sheena is 34  years old.

Sheena Parveen Height

She is a woman of average stature. Sheena stands at the height of 5 ft 4 in ( Approx 1.6m).

Sheena Parveen Parents

She was born to her father and mother in India. Sheena is the daughter of Mark Parveen ( father ) and Sherry Parveen ( mother ). However, she has not shared any information about her siblings.

Sheena Parveen's photo
Parveen’s photo

Sheena Parveen Husband

At age 34, Sheena is yet to be married. Since she does not share her marital status with the public, we can not tell if she is single, dating, or engaged.

Sheena Parveen  Education

After high school, Sheena enrolled at Florida State University. There, she studied meteorology and later graduated with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology as well as a minor in mathematics.

Sheena Parveen Weather | NBC

After graduating from Florida State University, Sheena got an internship at Tallahassee News. It is among the largest TVB markets in the United States. Later, she started up as a journalist, reporter, and weather forecaster at WCTV based in Tallahassee, Florida. Sheena’s appearance on WCTV was her first job in the media industry, but it gave her a wealth of experience while covering both environmental news as well as serving as a columnist for the weekend morning show. In 2009, Sheena got a job with the FOX broadcasting group WTVT based in Tampa, Florida.

She changed her job and began serving as a weather presenter and columnist. After a promotion in a short while, Sheena took over the position of chief weather forecaster. She now presented the morning weekend show called“Good Day Tampa Bay” as an on-air meteorologist. While at WTVT, Sheena hosted the “Pet Adoption” segment of the Sunday morning program. On the show,  she collaborated with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay to report on several pet adoption issues.

Sheena’s other colleagues at NBC include;

Fred  Roggin-anchor

Mario Solis-sports anchor

Anthony Yanez-meteorologist

Aaron Martin-anchor

Lauren Scala-television reporter

Chuck  Scarborough-anchor

David Ushery-tv news anchor

Ida Siegal-television personality

Andrew Siff – anchor

Sheena Parveen Philadelphia

She left WTVT after 2 years to go and join NBC10 in Philadelphia. She joined the station in 2011 as their weather forecaster as well as a meteorologist. Sheena remained with NBC10 until recently when she left NBC10 after 5 years of service in December 2016. She went to work with NBC4 based in Washington, D.C. Her resignation from NBC10 was one of several high-profile exits in Philadelphia’s TV news in 2016. Tammie Souza was taken in by the station to replace Sheena.

Sheena Parveen San Diego

She worked as a weekday morning meteorologist for NBC 7 News Today as well as  NBC 7 News Midday based in San Diego. In Sheena’s career, she’s forecasted and also covered everything ranging from hurricanes to blizzards to tornadoes. One of the most memorable weather events shea covered was Hurricane Sandy.

It was the most destructive as well as the strongest hurricane in 2012. The hurricane made landfall at the Jersey Shore. Sheena also covered the blizzard of 2016 that demanded round-the-clock coverage for many days. Additionally, she covered the 2013 EF5 tornado that devastated an elementary school based in Moore, Oklahoma.

Sheena Parveen Ethnicity

She belongs to mixed ethnicity. Sheena’s father Mike is from India while her mother Sherry Parveen is from America. Her father works as a  computer programmer while her mother works as a real estate businesswoman.

Sheena Parveen Salary

She currently works as a weather reporter at NBC4 and that is her main source of income. Sheena’s average salary is $72,341 per year.

Sheena Parveen Net Worth

She has accumulated a decent wealth since she began her career as a tv host, anchor, and reporter. Sheena’s estimated net worth is $871,639.

Where Is Sheena Parveen Now

She is currently working for NBC4 News based in Washington D.C as the station’s weather reporter as well as a forecaster. Sheena always reports the weather at 1100 as well as 1700

How Old Is Sheena Parveen

She is a 34-year-old American meteorologist who was born on September 23, 1987, in India.

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