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Sergio Aragones Biography

Sergio Aragones is a popular Spanish cartoonist and author well recognized due to his contribution to Mad magazine and for creating Groo the Wanderer, a comic book. With his fans and friends, Sergio is mostly described as the globe’s fastest cartoonist. He proceeded to market gag cartoons to magazines while learning architecture at the National Autonomous Campus of Mexico.

Sergio served consecutively for Mad from 1963 until 2020, only stopping due to the magazine changing into an almost-all-reprint format. His last new material starred in an issue otherwise all of it was filled with his reprints. He had been publishing in Mexican magazines for seven years. Mostly magazine cartooning, Sergio was very inspired by French Spirou humor, the opposite of Punch. To him, humor without words was very important because he could understand it without understanding English.

Quick Facts

Age 87 years old (born September 6, 1937)
Birthplace Sant Mateu, Castellón, Spain
Education University of Mexico
Wife Lilio Chomette
Occupation Cartoonist, writer

Sergio Aragones Age

Sergio was born on September 6, 1937, in Sant Mateu, Castellón, Spain. He is 87 years old. Sergio celebrates his birthday on September 6, every year.

Sergio Aragones' photo
Sergio’s photo

Early Life And Education

Sergio was born to his parents in Sant Mateu, Castellón, Spain. Because of the Spanish Civil War, his family relocated to France before settling in Mexico when he was 6 years old. Sergio grew up in Mexico and later came to the United States when he was 24 years old. His father worked as a movie director in Mexico. Sergio studied Architecture at the Campus of Mexico. While there, he also learned pantomime.

Sergio Aragones Wife

Sergio is married to his wife Lilio Chomette. His wife was one of his American students at the University of Mexico. The two married in the United States in 1962 and live in New York together.

Mad Magazine

Sergio is best recognized as a Mad magazine contributor. In 1972, he received the Shazam Award due to his work on Mad Magazine. Mad (magazine) was first released in 1952. This magazine released 550 regular magazine issues from 1952 through 2018. He is a contributor to this magazine alongside Desmond Devlin, Tom Bunk, and many others.


Since his childhood, Sergio has had a passion for art. He was an artist in Spain. Sergio taught art at the Campus of Mexico. His parents once left him alone in a room with crayons in a box. They came back afterward and found that Sergio had decorated the wall with several drawings.


In September 1998, Sergio published his book titled Sergio Aragones Louder Than Words. In the late 1970s, he created the comic book Groo the Wanderer.


Sergio has written several comic books such as:

  • Sergio Aragonés Groo the Wanderer in 1991.
  • Groo: Hell on Earth in 2004.
  • Louder Than Words (1997).
  • Smokehouse Five in 1991.
  • Fanboy in 1999.
  • Viva Mad! in 1968.


In late 1970, Sergio created a fantasy/comedy comic book character titled Groo the Wanderer. Throughout the years, this comic book has been published by several publishers such as Image Comics. It was ranked the 100th in the best 100 comic book heroes in 2011.


Sergio is a cartoonist who started as an artist in Spain and later became the fastest cartoonist in the globe. He was like every other cartoonist, he began when he was very young. Sergio started at school, and suddenly he was being paid to do what teachers were raising concerns, he was always doing in class. When he started in Mad magazine, he was already a seven-year-old professional.


Sergio proceeds to contribute his marginals to Mad on an amazingly regular basis. Since 1963, he has missed out on just one issue, due to his work being lost in the post. Sergio has proceeded to do Groo, and a bunch of other things, such as a few comedy superhero comics.


Sergio started authoring and illustrating full stories in 1967 for various DC Comics such as:

  • The Adventures of Jerry Lewis.
  • Angel and the Ape.
  • Inferior Five.
  • Young Romance.

Destroys DC

In June 1996, Sergio and Mark Avanier wrote a comic book titled Sergio Aragonés Destroys DC. This comic book is a parody of DC Comics characters. The two authors also produced similar titles at Marvel Comics.

Art For Sale

In 1954, Sergio made his first professional sale when his high school classmate submitted his job to a magazine without his knowledge. Since then, he has sold many arts written and drawn by him.


Sergio is a man of average stature who stands 5 ft 7 in (approx. 1.7 m) tall.

Net Worth

Sergio’s net worth is $2 million. He has been working for over three decades as a cartoonist and author of comic books.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Sergio Aragones?

Sergio was born on September 6, 1937, in Sant Mateu, Castellón, Spain.

Is Sergio Aragones Married?

Since the 1960s, Sergio has been married to his wife Lilio Chomette.

Who Is Sergio Aragones?

Sergio is a cartoonist who started selling professionally to several Mexican publications. He tried his luck when he arrived in New York in 1962 with only 20 dollars and a folder full of his cartoon job. From the start, everything was slow and what he marketed was not paying him well. His first contribution starred in Mad #76 cover, in January 1963.