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Scott Carney Bio | Wiki

Scott Carney is an American investigative journalist and anthropologist. He is the founder of Foxtopus Ink company. Scott has also worked in some of the most dangerous and unlikely corners of the world. His work blends more non-fiction with ethnography. Additionally, Scott is an author and his books include “What Doesn’t Kill Us,” “The Wedge, “The Red Market” and “The Enlightenment Trap.”

Scott Carney Age

He was born and raised in Rhode Island in the United States on July 9, 1978. Scott is 44 years old and holds his birthday every year in July.

Scott Carney Height

He is a man of average stature. Scott stands at 5 ft 7 in tall according to his social media pictures (Approx 1.74 m).

Scott Carney Family

He was born to his loving father and mother and raised in Rhode Island in the United States of America. Scott’s father was a Surgeon who worked most of the time but Scott loved that and would spend time with him. He has a sister and a nephew.

Scott Carney Photo
Scott’s Photo

Scott Carney Wife

He is married to his beautiful wife Laura Krantz. Laura serves as a reporter at the Boston Globe reporting on higher education for the station. However, the duo has been together for some years but there are no details regarding whether they have children.

Scott Carney Education

He attended Kenyon College from where he graduated in 2000. Scoot later dropped out from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in his Ph.D. in anthropology to pursue journalism.

Scott Carney What Doesn’t Kill Us

He wrote the book on traces of the evolutionary journey back to a time when survival depended on how well we adapted to the environment. Scott continues and says that our ancestors crossed mountains, oceans, and deserts, without even a whisper of what anyone today might consider modern technology. Additionally, his book was published on January 3, 2017, and it has been acknowledged as the best-selling book in the New York Times bestseller. The book is $ 11.99 on the Kindle, $ 14.97 on hardcover and it contains 272 pages written in English.

Scott Carney The Wedge

He wrote the book about incremental genetic adaptations that hones the physiology of nearly every creature on this planet. However, Scott was able to discover how humans can wedge control over automatic physiological responses into their breaking point between biology and stress. His book contains 312 pages written in English.

Scott Carney The Red Market

He wrote the book through an amazing journey at the macabre underworld of the global body bazaar. Where organs and bones are sold and bought on The Red Market. In addition, his book contains 272 pages written in English.

Scott Carney Books

He has published five books including:

  • What Doesn’t Kill Us in 2017
  • The Wedge in 2020
  • The Red Market in 2011
  • Death on Diamond Mountain in 2015
  • The Vortex¬†

Scott Carney Author

He is an outspoken advocate of freelance writers. Scott frequently writes on his blog about the struggles that freelance journalists face both in the station and in the field and navigating the business side of the profession. He owned and founded the website WordRates between 2015 to 2017, which aimed to provide journalists with ways to market and sell their work.

Moreover, in 2015 he launched his media company Foxtopus Ink which is based in Denver. The company is responsible for producing video courses, podcasts, and books. Between 2006 and 2009 he reported from Chennai, India

Additionally, Scott is a contributing editor at Wired, a judge for the Payne Award for Ethics in Journalism, and a fellow at Brandeis University the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism.

Scott Carney Net Worth

He has worked as an Investigative journalist for quite some time. He has managed to gather great possessions as a journalist and Author. Scott is entitled to a net worth of $2 Million.

How Old Is Scott Carney

He was born on July 9, 1978, and grew up in Rhode Island in the USA he is 44 years old.

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