Rebecca Yarros Iron Flame, Fourth Wing, Age, and Books in Order

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Rebecca Yarros is a well-known American author famous for the Empyrean fantasy book series. Amazon shared that they will adopt Empyrean into a TV series. Yarros has also authored various series such as Flight & Glory, In Luv duet, Legacy, and Renegades Trilogy. Nonetheless, she has published several standalone books.

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Rebecca Yarros’ Quick Facts

Age:  43 years (1981)
Birthday:  April 14
Husband: Jason Yarros
Profession: Author
Net Worth: $4 Million


Yarros was born to her loving parents in Washington, District of Columbia, United States on April 14, 1981. She was raised by her parents who served as officers. Her grandfather was a general who later retired. Yarros shared that she is a Mormon.

Rebecca Yarros Husband

Yarros is happily hitched to Jason Yarros. Jason was an Army Chief Warrant Officer 3 who flew Apache helicopters and has been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. In Jason’s third deployment, Yarros wrote her book and published it after she received her Full Measures of the book deal.

Jason is now retired and together with Yarros, they have six children four sons and two daughters one of which is adopted. Yarros and her sons have Ehlers–Danlos syndrome. Yarros and Jason’s adopted daughter is nonverbal and on the autism spectrum. Additionally, Yarros is about improving the lives of children in the foster system through the nonprofit OneOctober she cofounded with Jason in 2019. Yarros’ family resides in Colorado.


Yarros is an educated woman who earned her high school diploma from Cheyenne Mountain High School. From 2008 to 2010, she enrolled at Troy University where she pursued a bachelor’s degree in History and English.

Iron Flame

Iron Flame is a book that Yarros published in November 2023 at Red Tower Books and it has 623 pages. The adult fantasy novel is her second book in the Empyrean series. The novel “Iron Flame” is a sequel to the initial book in the Empyrean series. In this installment, the protagonist, Violet, must leverage the skills acquired during her time at the Basgiath War College to unlock her full potential and attain her true capabilities.

Fourth Wing

Fourth Wing is the first adult fantasy novel authored by Yarros on May 2, 2023. The first series book on the Empyrean series achieved viral success on TikTok’s reader community BookTok. The book is about Violet who displays many symptoms and parallel experiences to those with Ehlers–Danlos syndrome. It was published by Red Tower Books and it has 512 pages.

The Last Letter

On February 26, 2019, Yarros authored her single book The Last Letter. The Last Letter is a book about a haunting, heartbreaking, and ultimately inspirational love story. Additionally, it has 432 pages published by Entangled Publishing.

Rebecca Yarros Books In Order

Standalone novels

  • 1984: Against All Odds in 2016.
  • The Last Letter 2019.
  • Great and Precious Things 2020.
  • Muses & Melodies in 2020.
  • The Things We Leave Unfinished in 2021.
  • A Little Too Close in 2022.
  • In the Likely Event. Montlake in 2023.

Empyrean series

  • Fourth Wing in 2023.
  • Iron Flame in 2023.
  • Onyx Storm in 2025.

Flight & Glory series

  • Full Measures in 2014.
  • Eyes Turned Skyward in 2014.
  • Beyond What is Given in 2015.
  • Hallowed Ground in 2016.
  • The Reality of Everything in 2020.

In Luv duet

  • Girl in Luv in 2019.
  • Boy in Luv in 2019.

Legacy series

  • Point of Origin in 2016.
  • Ignite in 2016.
  • Reason to Believe in 2022.

Renegades trilogy

  • Wilder. Entangled in 2016.
  • Nova in 2017.
  • Rebel in 2017.

In The Likely Event

In The Likely Event is a solo book that Yarros published in August 2023. The book follows Izzy Astor who gets on a plane to go home and isn’t expecting much. As it is the usual holiday travel experience: busy, crowded, and stressful. However, Izzy spotted her seatmate, Nate Phelan, who had dark hair, blue eyes, and a deliciously rugged charm that Izzy couldn’t resist.


Yarros has an active website at where she shares her books, latest news, events, about, and merch.

Rebecca Yarros Author

Yarros’ author work kicked off in 2016 with a book entitled 1984: Against All Odds. In her profession, she has authored several solo and series books. In April 2023, she published the Empyrean series. Moreover, in November 2023, her book Fourth Wing was stated to be on USA Today’s list of the top ten bestselling books. Yarros released in November 2023 the sequel of Iron Flame which she shared that the series will ultimately include five books.

Full Measures

Full Measures is a book that Yarros published in 2014 under the Flight & Glory series. The book was nominated for Debut Goodreads Author for the Goodreads Choice Award. FullMeasures ia a book that follows an army brat and Ember Howard who knew that their dad was not coming back as soldiers stood at the door. The book has 301 pages.


She has appeared in several interviews. In January 2024, Yarrows had an interview with about her Unveiling the Empyrean Series. In the interview, she shared that she began reading fantasy since childhood and her dream was to write in the genre.

Book Tour

On her website, Yarros has gone to several book tours and done book signing including France Tour and Australian Tour. From September 6 to 7 she will be in RARE Edinburgh.

Good Morning America

Yarros shared the cover of her third novel in the Empyrean series, “Onyx Storm” in July 2024. In March, she announced the title of the upcoming third book exclusively on “Good Morning America”.

Hallowed Ground

On December 9, 2015, Yarros published the book Hallowed Ground which is his fourth book in the Flight & Glory series. The book follows Josh Walker who is a loyal, reckless, and every girl’s dream but has eyes for December Howard, the girl he has yearned for since his high school hockey days.


Wilder is a book that Yarros published in 2016 by Entangled publisher. It is the first set in the Renegades Trilogy.

Fourth Wing Book 3

Yarros released the cover of her third book in the Empyrean series, Onyx Storm in July 2024. Onyx Storm is her newest book which will be released by Red Tower Books in 2005.

Bonus Chapters

Fourth Wining book which is the first set of the Empyrean series has bonus chapter sixteen available on her website


Yarros is diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. In her book Fourth Wing, Violet has the same condition as hers.

Fight And Glory Series

  • Full Measures in 2014.
  • Eyes Turned Skyward in 2014.
  • Beyond What is Given in 2015.
  • Hallowed Ground in 2016.
  • The Reality of Everything in 2020.


Yarros comes from a family that served in the military with her grandfather being a retired general and parents officers. She later met her now husband Jason while at the University of Colorado and later got married.

Net Worth

As an author, Yarros has earned a net worth of $4 Million from her professional career.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is Rebecca Yarros?

Yarros is 43 years old born in 1981 and celebrates her birthday every year on April 14.

Where Does Rebecca Yarros Live?

Yarros and her family reside in Colorado Springs.

Where Is Rebecca Yarrows From?

She is a Washington, DC native.

How Many Books Has Rebecca Yarros Written?

Yarros has authored 23 books.

Who Is Rebecca Yarros?

Yarros is a 43-year-old author famous for the Empyrean fantasy book series. Amazon shared that they will adopt Empyrean into a TV series. Yarros has also authored various series such as Flight & Glory, In Luv duet, Legacy, and Renegades Trilogy.

How Much Is Rebecca Yarros Worth?

Yarros is worth $4 Million.

Social Media Account

Twitter – @RebeccaYarros

Instagram – rebeccayarros