Philip Klein Washington Examiner, Bio, Wiki, Age, Wife, National Review, Salary, and Net Worth

Philip Klein Bio | Wiki

Philip Klein is an American author and journalist who is currently working as an editor for the National Review Online. Before joining National Review in 2021, he was working for the Washington Examiners as an executive editor.

Philip Klein Age

He was born in NYC, New York, in the United States. However, Philip has withheld his exact date and year of birth from the public eye. Therefore, Philip’s age is unfathomable.

Philip Klein Height

He is a man of above-average stature. Philip’s height is 5 ft 9 in ( approx. 1.75m ).

Philip Klein Family

He is a native of New York City, NY, in the U.S. Despite being a journalist for more than a decade, Philip has kept his personal life off the limelight. Therefore, his childhood remains unfathomable since the identity of his parents and their profession remain publicly unavailable.

Philip Klein's photo
Philip’s photo

Philip Klein Wife

He is a well-renowned journalist who is of independent political affiliation. However, Philip has been secretive about his personal life and his marital status has not been exempted. Therefore, it is difficult to affirm whether Philip is single, engaged, married, or divorced. Furthermore, he has not been spotted flaunting with anyone publicly since he became a public figure.

Philip Klein Education

He earned a bachelor of arts degree in history and economics from George Washington University. Philip later enrolled at Columbia University where he attained an M.A in journalism.

Philip Klein National Review

He is currently working as the editor of National Review since 2021. Before joining National Review, Philip was working for the Washington Examiner as an executive editor. Furthermore, he has also worked for American Spectator and Reuters.

Additionally, since joining National Review, Philip has published various articles including Omicron Shows Why It’s Time to Move On from COVID Restrictions(December 2, 2021), Help Us Take Back America(December 3, 2021), Biden Has Lower Approval Rating Than Any U.S. Governor(November 18, 2021), etc.

Apart from working as an editor for the National Review, Philip has also authored two books namely, Fear Your Future: How the Deck Is Stacked against Millennials and Why Socialism Would Make It Worse (New Threats to Freedom Series) published in October 2019 and also Overcoming Obamacare: Three Approaches to Reversing the Government Takeover of Health Car(2015).

Some of Philip’s colleagues at the National Review include:

Matthew Continetti – contributing editor.

Kathryn Jean Lopez – editor-at-large.

Kevin D Williamson – correspondent.

Ramesh Ponnuru – conservative political pundit.

Jay Nordlinger – senior editor.

Philip Klein Washington Examiner

Prior to joining National Review in 2021, Philip was working as an executive editor for the Washington Examiner. Additionally, he joined the Washington Examiner in 2011. While working for the Examiner, Philip has served in different positions such as a commentary editor, managing editor before he was promoted to the position of an executive editor in 2018.

Before joining the Examiner, he was working as a Washington Correspondent for the American Spectator. Furthermore, he had a kick start in his journalism career while working as a financial reporter for Reuters.

During his career as a writer, Philip has focused extensively on federal politics and policy in Washington for at least a decade during his time at the Washington Examiner. Moreso, his articles have also been featured in Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York

Philip Klein Salary

He has been working as an editor for the National Review since February 2021. Philip’s salary is $100,000 annually.

Philip Klein Net Worth

He has been working as a journalist, columnist, and author for at least a decade. Therefore, there are no lingering doubts that Philip has been able to accumulate a decent fortune over the years. Philip’s net worth is $2.5 millions.

How Old Is Philip Klein

He was born in New York City, NY, in the USA. However, Philip has neither disclosed his exact date nor year of birth to the public eye due to his secretive nature.

Is Philip Klein Married

There are details that suggest that Philip is single, engaged, or married.

Who Is Philip Klein

He is an American journalist currently working as an editor for the National Review. Philip was previously working for the Washington Examiner as an executive editor.

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