Pastor Michael Todd Bio, Wiki, Age, Birthday, Height, Wife, Net Worth, and Relationship Goals

Pastor Michael Todd's photo
Pastor Todd’s photo

Pastor Michael Todd Biography and Wiki

Pastor Michael Todd is a new school American pastor who is the lead pastor of the Transformation Church alongside his wife, Natalie Todd in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In February 2015, the two pastors, who happen to be husband and wife, were instilled as the Lead Pastors of Transformation Church by Bishop Gary McIntosh.

Pastor Todd’s personal driving passion philosophy and is representing God to the lost and found for transformation in Christ. The two pastors aspire to use relevant and progressive ways to reach their community, city, and world with the gospel of Christ. He undeniably makes being a pastor look kinda really cool.

Pastor Michael Todd Age

Pastor Todd was born on November 16, 1986, in Oklahoma, United States. He is 33 years old.

Pastor Michael Todd Birthday

Pastor Todd celebrates his birthday every November 16 with a blast. He celebrates with his family and friends and of course with his awesome congregation.

Pastor Michael Todd Height

Pastor Todd appears to be a man of above-average stature according to his photos. His height could be somewhere above 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m).

Pastor Michael Todd Wife

Pastor Todd is married to his lovely wife Natalie Todd. The two are joint lead pastors at the Transformation Church. They tied the knot in 2010 and have been going even stronger ever since. Together, they are proud parents of three lovely children; two daughters Isabella and Ava Todd, and a son Michael Jr. Michael is the couple’s second child. Pastor Todd and his family live in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Pastor Michael Todd Transformation Church

The Transformation Church was started in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Bishop Gary McIntosh. That Bishop McIntosh was white, badly upset some clergy in the Tulsa north community. Those opposed to his mission felt that a white man coming over to save the black community from the black community was the last thing the community needed.

However, Bishop McIntosh was able to sail through the turbulent winds of opposition and mistrust. He carried on the ministry until February 2015 when God instructed him to instill Pastors Michael and Natalie Todd as the Lead Pastors of Transformation Church. A young, energetic, and charismatic man of color was uplifted to the helm as Lead Pastor.

Pastor Todd has made innumerable positive strides in his short period as lead Pastor due to his unconventional approach to the gospel. For example, after his Wait, till I get my money right, a progressive series on tithes and offerings in the church, over 250 members became tithers to the ministry. Pastor Todd’s personal driving passion philosophy is; representing God to the lost and found for transformation in Christ.

Pastor Michael Todd Relationship Goals

Pastor Michael Todd Book is titledĀ Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex. In this candid book, he examines the most common pitfalls in today’s relationships, how to handle break-ups gracefully when they happen, and playing family, not simply being in the family.

Pastor Michael Net Worth

Pastor Todd is a young, energetic, and charismatic preacher who has been the Lead Pastor of The Transformation Church since February 2015. His sermons resonate with many and especially the young for their untraditional approaches. Therefore, Pastor Todd has no doubt made some good fortune in his ministerial work and also as a speaker and author. His actual net worth is not out yet but it has to be in excess of $1 million.

Pastor Michael Todd Quotes

Being broke is a temporary situation. Being poor is a state of mind.

I’ve never been poor, only broke. Being poor is a frame of mind. Being broke is only a temporary situation.

Remember, you can’t steal second if you don’t take your foot off first.

Giving. What flows away from you flows back magnified: Become a joyful giver.

I spend money as if I had it.

Beaver do better work than the Corps of Engineers.

Pastor Michael Todd Sermons 2020

Pastor Todd gives the most unconventional of sermons with an aim to serve the most relevant and progressive ways. His many sermons can be accessed online on

How much is Michael Todd worth?

His actual net worth is not out yet but it is estimated to be in excess of $1 million.

What is Transformation Church?

It is commonplace for people to ask; what type of church is Transformation Church? Well, it is a modern church that is located in Tulsa, OK. The church is a Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Generational, and Mission-Shaped church that is Faithful to Follow God in comfortable and uncomfortable situations.

What denomination is Transformation Church Oklahoma?

The church is non-denominational. It is also far from what would be termed conservative.

Is Baptist a transformation church?

The transformation church was born of the Transformation Ministries Churches which split from the American Baptist Churches USA in 2006.

Who is Michael Todd’s wife?

Pastor Todd is married to his lead co-pastor Natalie Todd. Together they have three children.

How old is pastor Michael Todd transformation church?

Pastor Todd isĀ  33 years old. He was born on November 16, 1986, in Oklahoma, United States.