Opal Tometi Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Parents, Spouse, Marxist, Venezuela, and Net Worth

Opal Tometi Bio | Wiki

Opal Tometi is an American human rights activist, community organizer, strategist, and writer of Nigerian-American descent. She is also a co-founder of Black Lives Matter (BLM) as well as a former Executive Director of the United States’ first national immigrant rights organization for people of African descent, called the Black Alliance Just Immigration (BAJI).

Tometi aims at bringing attention to the racial inequalities faced by black people using BLM. She began as an active community organizer in her hometown supporting human rights matters. In addition, she has also campaigned for improving human rights, racial justice worldwide, and also migrant rights. Besides that, Tometi also served as a case manager for survivors of domestic violence.

Opal Tometi Age

She was born on August 15, 1984, and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, in the United States. Tometi is 37 years old.

Opal Tometi Height

She is a woman of tall stature. Tometi stands at a height of 5 ft 8 in (Approx 1.73 m).

Opal Tometi's Photo
Tometi’s Photo

Opal Tometi Parents

She was born to her Nigerian immigrant parents in 1984 and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, in the USA. Tometi has two younger siblings, both brothers. However, she has not shared much information with the public regarding her parents or siblings hence we can’t tell their names or occupation.

Opal Tometi Spouse | Husband| Partner

She is happily married to her unKnown husband. Although she enjoys every ounce of her married life, Tometi has not disclosed any information regarding her husband and spouse to the public. However, we will update this as soon as we have all the details regarding her husband and married life.

Opal Tometi Education

She attended the University of Arizona where she obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and later received a Masters in Communication and Advocacy from Arizona State University. Tometi later enrolled at Clarkson University where she acquired an honorary doctor of Science degree on May 7, 2016.

Opal Tometi House

After conducting our research, we did not come across any information regarding Opal’s house. However, there were rumors circulating concerning one of her co-founders named Patrisse Cullors. Rumors had it that she had used BLM funds to purchase her four million dollars houses all over the country. Patrisse claimed that she was using her own funds to purchase the houses for her family and also considers her wealth as her family’s money. She also disclosed that she had to spend a whole week with security after her homes were first pictured in the media.

Alicia Garza Patrisse Cullors And Opal Tometi

She along with Alicia Garza and Patrisse Cullors are co-founders of Black Lives Matter. They founded it in the year 2013 after Alicia had posted on her Facebook about a call-to-action after Trayvon Martin’s Murder. Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old Black teenager who was shot and killed by George Zimmerman while walking in his own neighborhood in Florida with nothing but Arizona Iced Tea and Skittles. Alicia Garza is an American civil rights activist, intersectional feminist writer while Patrisse Cullors is an American Activist, artist, and educator.

Tometi is credited for being the social media arm of the developing movement as well as helping to broaden the discussion of Black Lives Matter to include intersectional politics and also institutional racism. Black Lives Matter is an affirmation and love note for black people but also a demand for justice. George Floyd was among the many people in the USA who faced Racial Injustice. He was murdered by an ex-officer named Derek Chauvin. who pinned him on the pavement and pressed his knee at the back of his kneck depriving him of the ability to breathe.

Opal Tometi Venezuela | Maduro

She was seen hugging Nicolas Maduro at the 2015 People of African Descent Leadership Summit in Harlem, New York, where various high-rank officials of the Venezuelan regime also took part in. Maduro who was then banned from the United States was in town for the annual United Nations General Assembly. Tometi spoke at the summit while standing in front of a Venezuelan flag for the speech and thanked Maduro’s government for the opportunity.

Some of her targets throughout her speech were the government of the Dominican Republic for deporting Haitians as well as Western economic policies, neocolonial financial instruments such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and Land grabs for creating a Mediterranean migrant crisis. Besides the meeting, Tometi also worked as an election observer in socialist Venezuela throughout the 2015 legislative elections. She praised the socialist dictatorship on her Twitter during one of the brutal years of police brutality in the country where that it was a place where there was intelligent political disclosure.

Opal Tometi Marxist

In a Facebook post that referred to Black Lives Matter as a Marxist movement, PragerU included a video interview with Carol Swain who is a Black conservative as well as a former professor at Vanderbilt and Princeton University. In the interview, Swain stated that the co-founders of Black Lives Matter had become Marxists. She referred to an interview Patrisse Cullors did back in 2015, where she said that she along with Alicia were trained organizers, trained Marxists. In addition, there is a book publisher known as Penguin Random House that stated that Alicia Garza describes herself as a Marxist and a queer social justice activist.

Opal Tometi Quotes

Despite being a Balck feminist, human rights activist, community organizer, writer, and Black Live Matter co-founder, Tometi has also written numerous such as “If things aren’t working for us, it is our duty to rise”, “The valuation of profit over people impedes human rights across much of the world”, among many others.

Opal Tometi Net Worth

Having served as an Executive Director for BAJI for more than a decade as well as a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Tometi has been able to secure a decent fortune. Her net worth is $2.5 million.

Is Opal Tometi Married

She is a married woman. However, Tometi has not come out to the public with her relationship hence we can’t tell her husband’s name or occupation.

Who Is Opal Tometi Husband

Despite being a public figure, Tometi has not revealed any information regarding her husband hence we can’t really tell who she is married to.

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