Marc Randazza Attorney, Bio, Wiki, Age, Family, Wife, Las Vegas, and Net Worth

Marc Randazza Bio | Wiki

Marc Randazza is an American and Indian First Amendment Attorney. He works as a commentator on CNN and Infowars on legal matters.

Marc Randazza Age

He was born on November 26, 1969, in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in the United States. Marc is 52 years old.

Marc Randazza Height

He is a man of average stature. Marc has a height of 5 ft 8 in ( approx 1.73m ).

Marc Randazza Family

He is a native of Gloucester, Massachusetts, in the USA. Marc is the son of John Carl, his father, and Joanne, his mother. Furthermore, his father was a Refrigeration Engineer for Americold and a longtime president of Magnolia Beach Corp.

Marc Randazza's photo
Marc’s photo

Additionally, he was raised along with his younger sister Janelle. Moreso, Marc’s sister is a blogger and parenting writer for USA Today. Moreover, Jenelle is a toy nerd and usability geek.
Unfortunately, Marc’s father passed on in December 2020.

Marc Randazza Wife

He is a happily married family man. Marc and his wife are proud parents of two children, Furthermore, the duo are residents of Las Vegas.

Marc Randazza Education

He attended Gloucester High School where he received his high school diploma in 1987. Additionally, Marc enrolled at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where he majored in journalism graduating in 1994.

Moreover, he earned his J.D. in 2000 from Georgetown University Law Center. While schooling there, marc was an intern for Denise Johnson of the Vermont Supreme Court. Moreso, Marc continued his first amendment education by attending the University of Florida where he attained a master’s degree in communications.

Marc Randazza Attorney

He works as a commentator for CNN and Infowars on legal matters. In addition, Marc is a licensed attorney to practice law in Florida (2003), Massachusetts (2002), California (2010), Nevada (2012, and Arizona (2010). Furthermore, his first case as an attorney was representing a fraternity at Boston University when the brothers of that fraternity were accused of destroying their house and other misconduct.

Later on, Marc began practicing law as a real estate attorney in Florida before he quickly returned to the First Amendment and media field. During his career as an attorney, he has also handled a number of cameras in courtroom cases while defending the rights of the news media to attend and televise courtroom proceedings.

One of the most notable instances was when he successfully argued this issue against Alan Dershowitz. In that case, Alan represented courtroom View Network in its request to air a highly publicized trial in Las Vegas involving the Las Vegas Sands.

Marc Randazza Las Vegas

During his career as an attorney, Marc has also established a law firm in Las Vegas.

Marc Randazza Net Worth

He has been working as a First Amendment attorney for at least two decades. In addition, Marc has also been a commentator for at least a half-decade. Therefore, it goes undebated that Marc has been able to cumulate a decent fortune over the years with no doubt whatsoever. Marc’s net worth is $2.2 million.

Who Is Marc Randazza

He is an American attorney who has specialized in First Amendment. Marc is also a commentator for CNN and Infowars on legal matters.

How Old Is Marc Randazza

He is 52 years old. Marc was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in the United States onĀ  November 26, 1969.

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