Josh Szeps ABC, Bio, Wiki, Age, Partner, Wedding, Twins, Podcast, Salary, and Net Worth

Josh Szeps Bio | Wiki

Josh Szeps is an Australian television presenter, media personality, and political satirist. He is the podcast host of the uncomfortable conversations. In addition, Josh is also a presenter on ABC Radio Sydney. Furthermore, he is a father to a set of twins, a girl, and a boy together with his partner Sean Joseph Gallerani.

Josh Szeps Age

He was born on November 22, 1977, in Australia. Josh is 44 years old.

Josh Szeps Height

He is a man of average stature. Josh has a height of 5 ft 7 in ( approx 1.7m ).

Josh Szeps Family

He is a native of Australia. Josh is the son of Henri, his father, and Mary Ann Severne, his mother. Furthermore, both his mother and father are well-renowned actors. Furthermore, Josh was raised along with his brother. Since November 2021, Josh’s father has been battling early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

Josh Szeps' photo
Josh’s photo

Josh Szeps Partner

He got married to his partner Sean Joseph Gallerani known referred to as Sean Szeps on August 16, 2014. Josh’s partner is an American content creator, podcaster, and parenting writer. Furthermore, the couple exchanged their wedding vows in Concord, New Hampshire. Josh and his partner met in New York City. Additionally, he and Sean are parents to a set of twins, a girl, and a boy. Moreover, the duo resides in Sydney, Australia together with their twins.

Josh Szeps Wedding

Josh and his partner Sean Joseph Gallerani exchanged their wedding vows on August 16, 2014. The ceremony was held in Concord, New Hampshire in an informal backyard barbecue wedding. In attendance were 175 people who witnessed the duo exchange their vows in the backyard of Sean’s grandmother in New Hampshire.

Josh Szeps Twins

He and his partner Sean are parents to a boy and girl twins born through commercial surrogacy. The twins go by the name, of Stella and Cooper. Moreover, the twins were born in September 2017 in Minneapolis Hospital. Furthermore, the surrogate mother got pregnant with the twins after a single cycle of IVF. Additionally, Josh provided the sperm while an egg was donated by Sean’s family female member.

Josh Szeps Education

He received his high school diploma from Fort Street High School. In addition, Josh is also an alumnus of the University of Technology, Sydney.

Josh Szeps Podcast

He is the podcast host of Uncomfortable Conversations. Often we yell at each other from inside our echo chambers but change never happens inside an echo chamber. Therefore, it is time to get out, stretch our legs, and step on some land mines. Therefore, it is time to have uncomfortable conversations with Josh.

Josh Szeps ABC

He works for ABC where he is heard on Radio National, ABC Radio, and the ABC podcast, Out of The Loop. Furthermore, Josh has also been the co-host of Weekend Breakfast on ABC. In addition, he has also appeared on the panel of The Project on Network Ten in Australia.

Furthermore, Josh was a founding host of HuffPost Live. Moreover, he was also a regular correspondent with Al Roker on NBC Today. During his career as a television presenter, he has also been the co-executive producer and host of Australian Idol Backstage.

Josh Szeps Joe Rogan

In January 2022, Josh was the podcast guest of The Joe Rogan Experience. On the podcast, the host, Joe went down to list the effects of vaccines including that it increases the risk of the dangerous condition myocarditis.

While the argument is true, it turns out that there is a higher risk of developing myocarditis if a person contacts coronavirus.

Furthermore, when Joe began detailing the risks of the vaccine, Josh stepped in and corrected him sending Joe into a total spin. However, a few days later, Josh praised Joe Rogan after their vaccine arguments.

Josh Szeps Salary

He works for ABC as a radio host and the podcast host of Uncomfortable Conversations. Josh’s salary is $105,000 annually.

Josh Szeps Net Worth

He has been working as a journalist, podcast host, television presenter, and media personality for at least a decade. Therefore, Josh has accumulated a decent fortune over the years with no doubt. Josh’s net worth is $2 million.

 Is Josh Szeps Married

Yes, he got married to his partner Sean Szeps in August 2014.

How Old Is Josh Szeps

He is 44 years old. Josh was born in Australia on November 22, 1977.

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