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Jeremiah Wright Bio | Wiki

Jeremiah Wright(Jeremiah Alvesta Wright Jr.) is well known American pastor at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. He became famous after ABC News aired dozens of his sermons in March 2008 and being a former pastor of Retired President Barack Obama.

Jeremiah managed to gather over 8,000 believers for the 36 years he worked as a pastor. Additionally, he retired from being the Trinity United Church of Christ pastor in early 2008. He airs his sermons on certain occasions on youtube.

Jeremiah Wright Age

He was born on September 22, 1941, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. Jeremiah is 79 years old.

Jeremiah Wright Height

He is a man of above-average stature. According to his social media pictures, Jeremiah appears to be 5 ft 7 in (Approx 1.74 m).

Jeremiah Wright Family

He was born to his parents in 1941 and grew up in Germantown, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the United States. Jeremiah’s father was Jeremiah Wright Sr who was a pastor and baptist minister in Grace Baptist Church in Germantown from 1938 to 1980. Her mother Mary Elizabeth Henderson Wright was the first black person to teach an academic subject at Roosevelt Junior High as a teacher and later vice-principal at Girls High.

Jeremiah Wright Photo
Jeremiah’s Photo

Jeremiah Wright Wife

He was first married to his first wife Janet. The couple had two children Janet Marie Moore and Jeri Lynne Wright two and they divorced in 1978. Jeremiah later married Rev. Ramah Reed Wright and they had a daughter Jamila Nandi Wright two adult step-children, Nathan D. Reed, Nikol D. Reed from Ramah’s first marriage to Dekmer Reed whom she divorced in 1983. The family lives on a 10,340-square-foot (961 m2) home valued at $1.6 million built by his church members in Tinley Park, a predominantly white Chicago suburb.

Jeremiah Wright Education

He attended Central High School of Philadelphia where he graduated in 1959. Jeremiah later joined Virginia Union University as a member Omega Psi Phi fraternity, Zeta chapter for a period of four years. Moreover, he pursued a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in English from Howard University in Washington, DC graduating in 1968. Further, Jeremiah has acquired a master’s degree’s from the University of Chicago Divinity School. In 1990 he graduated from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio with a Doctor of Ministry degree.

Jeremiah Wright Books

He has managed to write and publish five books they include:

  • Good News Sermons of Hope published in 1995
  • Africans who Shaped our Faith published in 1995
  • A Sankofa Moment published in 2010
  • What makes you Strong?: Sermons of Jeremiah a. Wright Jr. published in 1993
  • When Black Men Stand Up For God published in 1996

Jeremiah Wright Stroke

He suffered a major stroke that left his left side of the body paralyzed in September 2016 and he is now confined to a wheelchair, but still spreads his sermons on various occasions.

Jeremiah Wright Pastor

He joined Trinity United Church of Christ, Chicago on March 1, 1971, and became a pastor with 250 members with 90 of them being active ones attending the sermon on time. The church was later changed to the United Church of Christ denomination with most congregants being whites in March 2008.

He appeared on Keeping the Faith broadcast show hosted by correspondent Roger Wilkins in Sherry Jones’s documentary under the PBS series Frontline with Judy Woodruff on June 16, 1987. Jeremiah also prepared seminars and education for the African-American church.

Moreover, he was a professor at a number of educational institutions like Garrett–Evangelical Theological Seminary, Chicago Theological Seminary. Jeremiah also worked on the Board Directors of Evangelical Health Systems, the Center for New Horizons, Malcolm X School of Nursing, and the Black Theology Project. He was a board trustees member at Chicago Theological Seminary, City Colleges of Chicago, and Virginia Union University. Jeremiah has managed to grow his active believers from 90 to 8,000.

Additionally, he has attained a number of honors in his life like seven honorary doctorate degrees and Rockefeller Fellowship. He was named one of Ebony magazine’s top 15 preachers and attained the first Carver Medal by Simpson College and vision of the service of George Washington Carver.

Where Is Jeremiah Wright Today

He is a retired pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ pastor in early 2008. He airs his sermons on certain occasions on youtube. In addition, he was a former pastor of Retired President Barack Obama.

How Old Is Jeremiah Wright

He was born on September 22, 1941, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the USA and he is 79 years old.

Jeremiah Wright Net Worth

He has managed to secure great fortune through his ministry and the great members of  Trinity United Church of Christ. Jeremiah’s net worth is $ 34 Million.

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