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Janaya Khan is an American social activist, author, and competitive amateur boxer. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Khan is a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto and also an international ambassador for the Black Lives Matter Network. Khan identifies as black, queer, and gender-nonconforming. Much of Khan’s work analyzes intersectional topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement,  organized protest strategies, Black feminism, as well as queer theory. 

Khan has worked across Canada at different institutions, such as the University of Toronto and York University. While working, Khan also gives talks at campuses in the United States, such as Bryn Mawr College as well as Emerson College. In 2016, the Black Lives Matter co-founder Opal Tometi joined Khan to speak at Smith College’s “When and Where I Enter” symposium.

Khan holds multiple awards, such as the 2015 Bromley Armstrong Human Rights Award given by the Toronto & York Region Labour Council. In 2016, Khan became “Toronto’s Most Influential” by Toronto Life. Also, Khan’s work appears on different sites including The Root, Al Jazeera, and as well as the Huffington Post.

Janaya Khan Age

Khan was born on  23, 1987, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada but moved to Los Angeles, California as an adult.  Currently, Khan is 33 years old.

Janaya Khan's photo
Khan’s photo

Janaya Khan Height

Khan stands at an above-average height of 5 ft 8 in ( Approx 1.73m).

Janaya Khan Family

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario by a Trinidadian father and a British Jamaican mother. They both emigrated to Canada. Currently, Khan lives in Los Angeles working as a program director for Color Of Change and also as a speaker with Keppler Speakers Bureau.

Janaya Khan Partner

Khan married  Patrisse Cullors in 2016. Patrisse is an American activist and artist born on June 20, 1983, in Los Angeles, California, USA. She is the co-founder of the organization Black Lives Matter movement. Patrisse came up with the #BlackLivesMatter hashtag back in 2013. She has also written and spoken widely about the issues concerning the movement.

Janaya Khan Education

Khan holds a Bachelor of Arts with an honors degree in English language and literature from York University.

Janaya Khan Activist

As an activist, Khan believes that the police have a responsibility to manufacture criminals and that the police do not keep people safe. Therefore, Khan would rather have “rapid response justice teams” in the place of the police. In an interview conducted by Maclean’s magazine in 2016, Khan remembered the difficulty of growing up with an intersectional identity in a society with fewer resources and also no knowledge on intersectionality as well as transfeminism.

In October 2014, Khan and Sandy Hudson, a fellow Black Lives Matter Toronto co-founder organized action of solidarity after the death of 33-year-old Jermaine Carby. Carby was shot and killed on September 24, 2014, during a routine traffic stop in Brampton, Ontario. The incident occurred just a month after Michael Brown was shot on August 9, 2014, in the United States. After both Khan and Sandy announced the protest, about 4,000 people came together to demonstrate solidarity outside the US Consulate.

Those people wanted to build on the momentum and they decided to meet with Los Angeles-based Patrisse Cullors. She is among the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement in the USA. The meeting launched the foundations for Black Lives Matter to be transformed into an international movement instead of being a one based only in the United States.

Khan has led many demonstrations as well as events in Toronto, mostly based on instances of police brutality in the USA and Canada. In July 2016, Khan helped organize a sit-in during Pride Toronto, the protesters came while prepared with a list of demands such as more representation of minority groups and also no uniformed police presence during Pride.

Janaya Future Khan Birth Gender

Khan identifies as black, queer, and also gender-nonconforming. Much of Khan’s work revolves around intersectional topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement, Black feminism, queer theory,  and also organized protest strategies.

Janaya Khan Net Worth

From many foundations and as an activist who actively leads the movement of Black Lives Matter Toronto and also an international ambassador for the Black Lives Matter Network, Khan has accumulated an estimated net worth of $1,7823,463.

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