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Dr Chatterjee Bio | Wiki

Dr Chatterjee ( also referred to as Chatterjee MD or Dr Rangan Chatterjee) is a British television presenter, author, podcaster, and physician. He is the host of the Feel Better, Live More podcast.

Dr Chatterjee Age

He was born in 1977 in Manchester, England, in the United Kingdom. Dr is 45 years old.

Dr Chatterjee Height

He is a man of tall stature. Dr has a height of 6 ft 6 in ( approx 1.98m ).

Dr Chatterjee Family

He is a local of Manchester, England, in the United Kingdom. Dr is the son of the late Tarun Chatterjee, his father who was originally from Kolkata, India, and his mother, Mrs. Chatterjee. In addition, his father came to England in the 60s’ at Manchester Royal Infirmary as a consultant in genito-urinary medicine.

Dr Chatterjee's photo
Dr’s photo

Following his father’s demise, Dr had a big void in his life and coped very badly with his death, this is because he was his father’s carer since he was diagnosed with auto-immune disease lupus. Moreover, Dr was raised in a family of Indian descent along with his brother.

Dr Chatterjee Wife

He is a happily married man to his wife Vidhaata. Dr is a barrister and the producer of his podcast, Feel Better, Live More. Moreover, he and his wife are proud parents of two children born in 2011 and 2013. In addition, Chartejee resides in northwest England together with his wife and their two kids which shelters them from too much showbiz.

Dr Chatterjee Education

He schooled at Manchester Grammar School between 1988 to 1995. Later on, Dr enrolled at the University of Edinburgh where he majored in Medicine graduating in 2001 with an additional degree in immunology.

Doctor Chatterjee Podcast | Dr Chatterjee Podcast

He launched a health and fitness podcast by the name of Feel Better, Live More with the aim of simplifying health which has become overcomplicated. Furthermore, in the podcast, listeners are able to hear stories from exciting personalities and health experts who offer easy health life hacks, debunk common health myths, and expert advice-giving them tools to revolutionize how to sleep, relax, eat, and move.

Through the podcast, Dr aims to transform, empower, and inspire the way w feel. In addition, he is also a believer that when we are healthier, we are happier because when w feel better we live more.

Dr Chatterjee Book | Books

Not only is he an MD(Medical Doctor) but also an author. Some of the books that Dr has authored include Feel Better in 5: Your Daily Plan to Feel Great for Life(September 2020), Feel Great, Lose Weight: Simple Habits for Lasting and Sustainable Weight Loss(March 2021), The Stress Solution: The 4 Steps to a Calmer, Happier, Healthier You(December 2018), How to Make Disease Disappear (May 2018), Happy Mind, Happy Life: 10 Simple Ways to Feel Great Every Day(2022), etc.

Dr Chatterjee Radio 2

He is also popular for casting on the TV Show Doctor in the House and has also been a resident doctor on BBC Breakfast. Moreso, Dr is a regular commentator on BBC Radio. Additionally, he is also a contributor to Tpo Sante and Huffington Post. Furthermore, he was in the eighth position in the Pulse Power 50 list of influential GPs in 2017.

Dr Chatterjee Vivobarefoot Discount

He is the podcast host of Feel Better, Live More podcast which is sponsored by different partners including Leafyard, Vivobarefoot, Athletic Greens, and Blublox. In April 2022, Dr was advertising that the people who would purchase Vivobarefoot would get a 20% off discount during their first order and 25% off if they refer someone during their second purchase.

Dr Chatterjee Rainbow Chart

As a doctor, he also roots for people to eat healthily and live happier. Therefore, Dr also made a rainbow chart to make eating healthier easier. Furthermore, the rainbow chart is printed and placed on the fridge in order to tick all the colors that a person has consumed in a day. Moreover, he also advocates that people should eat at least five different colors of vegetables daily – which he refers to as the rainbow.

Chatterjee Md

He is a medical doctor(MD) who has nearly two decades of experience of treats you as an individual. In addition, he also takes a 360° approach to health by focusing on four pillars of health, Sleep, Food, Movement, and Relaxation. Therefore, Chartejee’s goal as an MD is to empower individuals to become their own architects of their health. Moreso, he also finds the root problem cause of people’s health problems.

Dr Chatterjee Salary

He works as the podcast host of Feel Better, Live More. Furthermore, he is also a has a ground-breaking BBC1 show, Doctor in the House. Dr’s salary is $175,000 annually.

Dr Chatterjee Net Worth

He has been a physician, author, television presenter, and podcaster for nearly two decades. Therefore, Dr has been able to cumulate decent career earnings over the years with no doubt whatsoever. Dr’s net worth is $3.5 million.

How Old Is Dr Chatterjee

He is 45 years old. Dr was born in Manchester, England, in the United Kingdom in 1977.

Is Dr Chatterjee Married

Yes, he is married to his wife Vidhaata who is a barrister and producer of his podcast.

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