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Doug Lisle Bio | Wiki

Doug Lisle Ph.D. (also referred to as Dr.Doug Lisle) is an American evolutionary psychologist, author, and podcast host. He is the author of the Beat Your Genes podcast.

Dr Doug Lisle Age | Date Of Birth

He was born in the United States. However, Doug has not disclosed his date of birth making his age unfathomable.

Doug Lisle Height

He is a man of above-average stature. Doug has a height of 5 ft 11 in ( approx 1.8m ).

Doug Lisle Family

While growing up, he wanted to be an artist. However, Doug’s father refused to give him the emotional support especially the financial support that his talent so richly deserved. Therefore, Doug became a psychologist.

Doug Lisle's photo
Doug’s photo

Dr Doug Lisle Wife

He was previously married to his first and only wife during his 20s. Doug and his first wife first met when she was an undergraduate at UC San Diego. In addition, both he and his then-wife earned a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in the 1980s from the University of Virginia. Furthermore, he and his wife were married for 13 years before they amicably agreed to separate.

Following their separation, his wife found love again within a couple of years after partying. Moreso, she also had a couple of kids with her husband, and Doug was tasked with the responsibility of taking care of the kids if anything happened to his ex-wife and her husband. Fortunately, nothing happened and the kids are all-grown-up.

Doug Lisle Education

He attained his bachelor’s degree from UC, San Diego. In addition, Doug is also a holder of a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from UVA.

Dr Doug Lisle Podcast

He works as the podcast host of the Beat Your Genes. This is a science podcast that looks at life through the lens of our ancestors. In addition, the podcast also proclaims that our instincts were shaped by their struggles in an environment much different from the one we are living in.

Moreso, our instincts have not changed but the environment has experienced drastic changes. Therefore, Doug blends the science of evolutionary psychology with his clinical experience to explore common problems and stumbling points in pursuit of happiness. Additionally, Beat Your Genes has a new episode every Wednesday.

Doug Lisle Diet

He advocates for a whole plant foods-based diet. This is because he proclaims it is the only diet that has shown to reverse atherogenesis and probably will be the only one that will ever will. Furthermore, he is also against the ketogenic diet because it places people artificially into ketosis. It does this by eating a non-carbohydrate-based diet and yet humans were set to a carbohydrate-based diet.

However, having people eat a diet that excludes carbohydrates, puts people into ketosis where they start to burn fat and in the long run ask for all kinds of trouble, especially in the cardiovascular system. In addition, Doug also proclaimed that both paleo style diet and ketogenic diet take people right into a concentrated, fat, and highly concentrated diet that are inconsistent with anything that’s ever been shown to reverse atherogenesis.

Doug Lisle Books

Not only is he a clinical psychologist but also an author. Doug is the renowned writer of the book titled, The Pleasure Trap: Mastering the Hidden Force that Undermines Health & Happiness (November 2017). Furthermore, he also co-authored the book along with Alan Goldhamer.

In the book, Doug offers unique insights into the factors that make us capable of dietary and lifestyle excesses. In addition, he also presents ways of restoring the biological processes designed by nature to keep us running at maximum vitality and efficiency. Moreover, the book retails on Amazon for $9.99. Moreover, Doug has also given a Ted Talk based on Pleasure Trap.

Doug Lisle Weight Loss

He has also been a guest on the Plant-Strong podcast in episode 87 which was titled” Rip’s Rescue – Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind”. In the episode, Doug gave a brief talk on the inspiring and surprising truth of how to achieve sustainable weight loss. Moreso, he has also written a book going by the name, Losing Weight Without Losing Your Mind retailing between $7.99-$15.999 on the website

Doug Lisle Salary

He is the director of Research for TrueNorth Health Center and the podcast host of the Beat Your Genes podcast. Doug’s salary is $100,000 annually.

Doug Lisle Net Worth

He has been working as a clinical psychologist for at least three decades. In addition, Doug is also an author and podcast host. Therefore, there are no lingering doubts whatsoever that Doug has been able to cumulate decent career earnings over the years. Doug’s net worth is $3 million.

Whop Is Doug Lisle

He is an American clinical psychologist and an advocate of a whole-plant-based diet. Currently, he works as the podcast host of Beat Your Genes.

Is Dr Doug Lisle Married

No, however, Doug was previously married to his first wife and only wife during his 20s for 13 years.

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