CJ Mahaney Sovereign Grace Church, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Wife, Books, Lawsuits, and Net Worth

CJ Mahaney Bio | WIki

CJ Mahaney (Full name: Charles Joseph Mahaney) is an American Christian minister currently serving as the senior pastor at Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville.

Previously, he worked at the Sovereign Grace Churches before resigning in 2013. Before joining Sovereign Grace Church Mahaney worked as the senior pastor of Covenant Life Church for 27 years. He is also an author and has published a couple of books including True Beuty published in 2014.

CJ Mahaney Age | Birthday

He was born on September 21, 1953, in Maryland, in the United States of America. Mahaney is 68 years old and celebrates his birthday on September 21 every year.

CJ Mahaney Height

He is a man of average height. Mahaney stands at a height of 5 ft 8 in (approx. 1.72m).

CJ Mahaney's photo
Mahaney’s photo

CJ Mahaney Family

Mahaney was born and also raised in Maryland, in the United States to his loving and caring parents. His father was a metalworker in Takoma Park. Mahaney was raised in a family of seven alongside his four siblings. He was brought up in a Roman Catholic household.

CJ Mahaney Wife

He is a loving husband to his beautiful wife Carolyn Mahaney. The duo has been married for over three decades and is proud parents of their handsome son and three daughters. Mahaney and his adorable family currently reside in Louisville, Kentucky.

CJ Mahaney Books

Other than being a popular Pastor, Mahaney is among the best-selling authors and has published over ten books. Some of his popular books include :

  • Christ Our Mediator (2006)
  • The Cross Centered Life (2002)
  • Why Small Groups? (1996)
  • Disciplines for Life (1994)
  • Sex, Romance, and the Glory of God (2004)
  • Living the Cross Centered Life (2006)
  • Don’t Waste Your Sports (2010)
  • Humility (2005)

CJ Mahaney Sovereign Grace Church

Mahaney reported having converted in 1972 after his friend shared his faith. At the age of 20, Mahaney met Larry Tomczak, and together the two led and taught a large local prayer group. Later in 1977, Mahaney was elected as the senior pastor of the Covenant Life Church.

He mostly Cites his reading on John Calvin’s theology and 19th-century Baptist leader Charles H. Spurgeon. He served the Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland as the senior pastor for 27 years before handing the church over to Joshua Harris on September 18, 2004.

In 2012 he planted a church on the east side of Louisville, Kentucky. Presently, he serves as the senior pastor of Sovereign Grace Church of Louisville. He planted the Sovereign Grace Church in the fall of 2012 along with Brian Chesemore, Jeff Purswell, Bob Kauflin, and Gary Ricucci.

CJ Mahaney Lawsuits

In 2012 the Sovereign Grace Ministries were allegedly charged with covering up child sexual abuse, however, the case was dismissed in May 2013. After the case dismissal Nathaniel Morales a former volunteer at Covenant Life Church was convicted for sexually abusing three young boys between 1983 and 1991.

During the trial, the former pastor and Mahaney’s brother-in-law admitted that he did not report any sexual abuse to the authorities. I February 2016 the Washingtonian magazine article published an article named The Sex Scandal That Devastated a Suburban Megachurch – Inside the Rise and Fall of Sovereign Grace, where Mahaney was the main subject.

CJ Mahaney Together for the Gospel

Other than being an author and pastor, Mahaney also co-hosted a biennial conference for Christian leaders called “Together for the Gospel”. He hosted the program alongside Mark Dever, Ligon Duncan, and Albert Mohler. In 2014 it was announced Mahaney would withdraw from the conference due to the ongoing lawsuits against Sovereign Grace Ministries. He re-appeared on the show in 2016 but again departed in 2018.

CJ Mahaney Net Worth

From his extravagant lifestyle, it is evident to all that he has garnered a decent amount of fortune from his career as an author and pastor over the years. Mahaney’s average net worth is $4 million.

How Old Is CJ Mahaney

He was born to his loving and caring parents on September 21, 1953, in Maryland, in the United States of America. Therefore, Mahaney is 68 years old.

How Much Is  CJ Mahaney Worth

From his working as a pastor and author for over three decades, it is obvious that he has accumulated a decent amount of his legally acquired wealth. Mahaney’s average net worth is $4 million.

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