Art Spiegelman Maus, Books, Father, Wife, and Net Worth

Art Spiegelman Biography

Art Spiegelman (Born: Itzhak Avraham ben Zeev Spiegelman) is a popular American cartoonist, editor, and comics advocate well recognized for his graphic novel Maus. His job as co-editor on the comics magazines Arcade and Raw has been influential, and from 1992 he worked for a decade as contributing artist for The New Yorker.

In September 2022, the National Book Foundation reported that Art would earn the Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. He started his career in the mid-1960s with Topps (a bubblegum and trading card company), which was his main financial support for two decades. During this time, Art co-created parodic series like Wacky Packages in the 1960s and Garbage Pail Kids in the 1980s.

He rose to fame in the underground comix scene in the 1970s with short, experimental, and always autobiographical work. Some of these strips starred in the collection Breakdowns in 1977, after which he turned focus to the book-length Maus, about his relationship with his dad, a Holocaust survivor. Art also advocates for greater comics literacy.

Quick Facts

Wife Francoise Mouly
Book Maus (1991)
Father Vladek Spiegelman
Net Worth $2 million
Age 76 years old (born February 15, 1948)
Art Spiegelman's photo
Art’s photo

Art Spiegelman Age

Art was born on February 15, 1948, in Stockholm, Sweden. He is 76 years old. Art celebrates his birthday on February 15, every year.

Early Life And Education

Art was born in Stockholm, Sweden to his parents Vladek Spiegelman and Anja Spiegelman. His father was a textile salesman who survived the concentration camps with cunning and luck. Art’s parents were Polish Jews.

His mom was born Andzia Zylberberg, with the Hebrew name Hannah. She changed her name to Anna after immigrating to the United States. He had a brother Rysio (spelled “Richieu” in Maus), who passed away at the age of five or six before Art was born.

He started studying cartooning in high school and drawing professionally at age 16. In addition, Art learned art and philosophy at Harpur College prior to joining the underground comics movement in the 1960s.

Art Spiegelman Wife

Art is married to his wife Françoise Mouly. His wife works as a French-born American designer, editor and publisher. Françoise works also as co-founder, co-editor, and publisher of the comics and graphics magazine Raw (1980–1991). The couple married in a New York city hall ceremony, on July 12, 1977. Art and Françoise have kids together: a daughter, Nadja Rachel, born in 1987, and a son, Dashiell Alan, born in 1992. Their daughter is also a writer and cartoonist.

Art Spiegelman Books

He is a comic artist who has authored several comic books including:

  • Breakdowns (1977).
  • Maus (1991).
  • The Wild Party (1994).
  • Open Me, I’m A Dog (1995).
  • Jack Cole and Plastic Man: Forms Stretched to Their Limits (2001).
  • In the Shadow of No Towers (2004).
  • Breakdowns: Portrait of the Artist as a Young (2008).
  • Jack and the Box (2008).
  • Be a Nose (2009).
  • MetaMaus (2011).
  • Co-Mix: A Retrospective of Comics, Graphics, and Scraps (2013)
  • Street Cop (with Robert Coover) (2021).


Art is well known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning Holocaust narrative, Maus. Maus was released in 1991 and is about his relationship with his dad. Maus took 13 years to create until its completion in 1991. In 1992 Maus won a special Pulitzer Prize and has gained a reputation as a pivotal work.


In 1997, Art published his book Breakdowns which is made up of strips dating to before he started planning his graphic novel Maus. The book’s cover depicts him drinking a bottle of India ink over repeated variants of the same photo.

Graphic Novel

In 1991, Art released his graphic novel Maus. The novel was serialized from 1980 until 1991. The graphic novel Maus depicts Art interviewing his dad about his experiences as a Polish Jew and Holocaust survivor.


Art spent a decade as contributing artist for The New Yorker. Honors he has eared include induction into the Will Eisner Hall of Fame and the Art Director’s Club Hall of Fame. In 2005, Art was appointed one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People.

In 2015, he was appointed to the American Academy of Arts and Letters, and in 2018 Art became the first comic artist to win the Edward MacDowell Medal. His art has been displayed at museums throughout the globe, such as the Pompidou Center in Paris, the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, the Vancouver Art Gallery, and the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art.


He was born in Stockholm. Art immigrated with his parents to the United States in 1951 and was raised in Rego Park, New York. He started cartooning in 1960 and imitated the style of his best comic books, like Mad. In the early 1960s, Art contributed to early fanzines like Smudge and Skip Williamson’s Squire and, in 1962.

Struggles In Life

Trauma was always the emotional fuel for Art’s work. In the harrowing strip “Prisoner on the Hell Planet,” he narrates his 1968 stay in a state mental hospital following a nervous breakdown and his mom’s later suicide.


One can contact Art for more information about his work through+1-212-979-1900.


As per his website, he is now working on a comix format memoir, Portrait of the Artist as a Young, which will include a reprinting of his most significant early underground comix work. He is also assembling a book about the making of Maus, entitled Meta-Maus.


He is a co-founder/editor of Raw, the acclaimed magazine of avant-garde comics and graphics. Art’s work became published in the New York Times Playboy, the Village Voice, and many other periodicals, and his drawings are advertised in museums and galleries here and abroad.

Net Worth

As a cartoonist and editor, Art has earned a net worth of $2 Million from her professional career.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Art Spiegelman Alive?

Art is alive and in good health.

Is Art Spiegelman Still Alive?

Art is still alive and is now 76 years old.

How Did Art Spiegelman Die?

As of now, Art has not died. He is alive.

Who Is Art Spiegelman?

Art us a cartoonist who wrote the graphic novel Maus, which earned him the Pulitzer Prize Letters Award in 1992. He also earned many other awards, such as the Adamson Award in 1988. Art saw Harvey Kurtzman, the creator of Mad, as his spiritual inspiration. Art’s book, Maus, took nearly 13 years to author and design. Originally in his career he co-edited a book of quotations by Timothy Leary.

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Twitter – @ArtSpiegelman6

Instagram – _art.spiegelman