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Ao Scott Bio | Wiki

Ao Scott is an American cultural critic and journalist working for the New York Times as a chief film critic. Before joining Nytimes, he was working for Variety as a writer for television reviews.

Ao Scott Age

He was born on July 10, 1966, in Northampton, Massachusetts, in the United States. Scotts is 55 years old.

Ao Scott Height

He is a man of above-average stature. Scott possesses a height of 5 ft 8 in ( approx 1.73m ).

Ao Scott Family

He is a local of Northampton, Massachusetts, in the USA. Scott is the son of Joan Wallace, his mother, and Donald Scott, his father. Furthermore, his mother worked as a professor in the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey while his father worked as a professor of American History at the City University of New York. Additionally, Scott is the great-nephew of the late actors Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson. Moreso, he is of Jewish descent from his mother’s side.

Ao Scott's photo
Scott’s photo

Ao Scott Wife

He got married to his lovely wife, Justine H. Henning in 1991. Scott’s wife is also an alumnus of Harvard University. Additionally, the duo met while they were both attending to some of the Co-op’s chores. Additionally, Scott and his wife are proud parents of two children, Ezra and Carmen.

Ao Scott Education

He is a 1988 graduate of Harvard University where he attained a bachelor of arts degree in Literature. Scott later enrolled at Johns Hopkins University in a graduate program in literature. However, he dropped out to write book reviews for The Nation.

Ao Scott Nytimes

He is currently working as a chief film critic for the New York Times(Nytimes) since 2004. Additionally, Scott initially joined Nytimes in 2000 after he was hired as a film critic. Furthermore, he shares the title of chief film critic along with Manohla Dargis. Apart from working for Nytimes, Scott also writes for The Times Magazine whenever he can. Additionally, he has also made frequent appearances on both television and radio, especially during the Oscar season.

Before joining Nytimes, Scott was working as a writer for television reviews for Variety. Furthermore, he has also worked for Slate and The New York Review of Books as a contributor. Additionally, he has also worked for Newsday as a book critic after serving as an assistant to Robert B. Silvers.

Some of Scott’s colleagues at the New York Times include;

Jamelle Bouie – columnist.

Jennifer Finney – contributing opinion writer.

Vivian Yee – Cairo bureau chief.

Brook Barnes – reporter and writer.

Charles Blow – Op-Ed columnist.

Ao Scott Book

Not only does he work as a chief film critic, but also as an author. Scott authored the book ‘Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think About Art, Pleasure, Beauty, and Truth'(February 2017). Apart from writing the book, Better living, he has also authored Santuary(2010), Biosensors for Food Analysis(1998), and The Best DVDs You’ve Never Seen, Just Missed Or Almost Forgotten(2005).

Ao Scott Reviews

He also writes reviews for movies and books. This is where Scott writes of what or he thinks of a movie or book to be published in a magazine or newspaper. Furthermore, Scott watches a lot of movies and is also an enthusiastic reader in order to write great reviews. Some of the reviews that Scott has written include BlacKkKlansman by Spike Lee, Flee(2021), House of Gucci(2021), King Ricahrd(2021), Spencer(2021), No Sudden Move(2021), mama Weed(2020), Zola(2020), etc.

Ao Scott Avengers

In 2012, Scott wrote a review for the film Avengers: Endgame which was published in Nytimes. Furthermore, Scott’s review on Avengers, was that their scenes didn’t burn and zip the way he expected. As a result one of the cast members of Avengers, Samuel L. Jackson took it to Twitter to respond that Scott should actually be fired or find a job that he can actually do.

Ao Scott Salary

He has been working as a Chief Critic for Nytimes since 2004. Scott’s salary is $85,266 annually.

Ao Scott Net Worth

He has been working as a writer and film critic at least for two decades plus. Therefore, there are no lingering doubts that Scott has been able to cumulate a decent fortune over the years. Scott’s net worth is $2 million.

How Old Is Ao Scott

He is 55 years old. Scott was born in Northampton, Massachusetts, in the United States on July 10, 1966.

Is Ao Scott Married

Yes, he has been married to his lovely wife Justine H. Henning since 1991.

Who Is Ao Scott

He is an American writer working as a chief film critic for the New York Times.

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