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Andy Rubin Bio | Wiki

Andy Rubin ( Full Name: Andrew E. Rubin) is a popular American computer programmer, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist who is the founder of Simple Things. Prior to that, he founded Android Inc. in 2003, which was acquired by Google in 2005. Andy worked as a Google vice president for 9 years and led Google’s efforts in forming and promoting the Android operating system for mobile phones and other devices during most of his time.

Andy left Google in 2014 following allegations of sexual misconduct, although it was presented as a voluntary leaving rather than a dismissal at first. He later worked as co-founder and CEO of venture capital firm Playground Global from 2015 until 2019. He also helped found Essential Products in 2015, a mobile phone start-up that ended its operation in 2020 without finding a buyer.

Andy was nicknamed “Android” by his co-workers at Apple in 1989 because of a love of robots, with the nickname finally becoming the official name of the Android operating system. Prior to Android Inc., he also helped found Danger Inc. in 1999, another company involved in the mobile space. He left Danger to serve on Android in 2003, and Danger was finally acquired by Microsoft in 2008.

Andy Rubin Age

Andy was born in 1963 in Chappaqua, New York, in the United States. He is 60 years old.

Andy Rubin's photo
Andy’s photo

Andy Rubin Height

He is a man of above-average stature. Andy stands at a height of 5 ft 10 in ( Approx. 1.75m ).

Andy Rubin Family

He was born in Chappaqua, New York the son of a psychologist who afterward founded his own direct-marketing firm. His father’s firm created photographs of the latest electronic gadgets to be sent with credit card bills.

Andy Rubin Wife

Andy was married to Rie Hirabaru Rubin who possessed and operated Voyageur du Temps, a bakery and cafe in Los Altos, California, which stopped working in September 2018. He and Rie are now divorced.

Andy Rubin Education

He studied at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, New York from 1977 to 1981. Later on, Andy earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science from Utica College, Utica, New York in 1986.

Simple Things Andy Rubin | Simple Things

In May 2021, Andy founded Simple Things a new Palo Alto, California-based startup. Simple Things is said to make security monitoring software for many products including cameras, sensors, motion detectors, and hardware. Prior to Simple Things, Andy founded Essential, a smartphone company.

Andy was able to raise $300 million in funding from organizations like Tencent and Redpoint Ventures before finally shutting down in 2020, as per a report. Some workers from Essential then went on to form a new phone company called OSOM, which plans to launch a new phone with Solana Mobile soon.

Andy Rubin Android | Android History

He founded Android Inc. in 2003, which was obtained by Google in 2005. Android Inc. was created in Palo Alto, California, in October 2003 by Andy, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, and Chris White. Andy described the Android project as having “tremendous potential in developing smarter mobile devices that are more aware of its owner’s location and preferences”.

Andy Rubin Google

Following Android was acquired by Google in 2005, Andy became the company’s senior vice president of mobile and digital content, where he oversaw the development of Android, an open-source operating system for smartphones. On March 13, 2013, Larry Page reported in a blog post that Andy had moved from the Android division to take on new projects at Google, with Sundar Pichai taking over Android. In December 2013, Andy began management of the robotics division of Google (including companies like Boston Dynamics, which Google owned at the time). On October 31, 2014, Andy left Google after nine years at the company to begin a venture capital firm for technology startups.

Andy Rubin Phone

Andy launched the Essential phone (Phone or PH-1) via Essential Products company in late June 2017. This phone is a discontinued Android smartphone designed by him. Essential Phone was reported on May 30, 2017, and released on August 17, 2017.

Andy Rubin Essential

He also joined and helped create the Android phone start-up Essential Products. In November 2017, Andy took a leave of absence from Essential Products following reports of the inappropriate relationship from his time at Google surfaced. In December 2017, Andy returned to Essential Products. On February 12, 2020, Essential reported in an update on its blog that the company was stopping its operations.

Andy Rubin Playground | Playground Global

Following being forced out of Google, Andy founded Playground Global in 2015 together with Peter Barrett, Matt Hershenson, and Bruce Leak. Playground Global is a venture capital firm and studio for technology start-ups, offering funding, resources, and mentorship. In 2015, the firm raised a $300 million fund from investors such as Google, HP, Foxconn, Redpoint Ventures, Seagate Technology, and Tencent, among others. The firm has invested in many companies such as Owl Labs. Andy departed Playground Global in May 2019.

Andy Rubin Book

In 2018, The New York Times released an article disclosing the details of Andy’s 2014 leaving from Google – that it had been forced rather than voluntary because of credible allegations he had sexually harassed female workers, and that Google had paid Andy a $90 million severance package to expedite the process.

Andy Rubin Pentland Group

He is a member of Pentland Group’s founding family and has been with Pentland Brands for 23 years, 16 of them as CEO. He is the new Chair of the Board of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (WFSGI).

Andy Rubin Net Worth

Andy gets his wealth from his work as a computer programmer, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist who is the founder of Simple Things. Therefore, Andy has accumulated a decent fortune over the years. Andy’s net worth is $350 million.

How Old Is Andy Rubin

Andy is a 60-year-old who was born in 1963 in Chappaqua, New York, in the United States.

How Tall Is Andy Rubin

Andy is a man of above-average stature who stands at a height of 5 ft 10 in ( Approx. 1.75m ).

Who Is Andy Rubin

He is an American computer programmer, entrepreneur, and venture capitalist who is the founder of Simple Things since 2021. Before, Andy was the founder of Essential Products from 2016 to 2020. Andy was also a Managing Partner at Playground Global. He was also an SVP of Mobile and Digital Content at Google and a founder of Android, Inc.