Adam Montoya Youtuber, Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend, Retiring, And Net Worth

Adam Montoya Bio | Wiki

Adam Montoya is an American popular YouTuber famously recognized as SeaNanners. Presently he hosts a self-titled YouTube channel with over 5.47 million subscribers.

The channel has been active since he launched it on March 4, 2009, however since 2018 Montoya greatly reduced his YouTube video release rate from at least one video per week to five videos a year. During his previous years, he announced that he was heavily looking into real estate. During his free time, Adam loves traveling, hiking, and spending time with his girlfriend.

Adam Montoya Age | Birthday

He was born on June 12, 1984, in San Diego, California, in the United States of America. Montoya is 37 years old and celebrates his birthday on June 12.

Adam Montoya Height

He is a man of average stature. Montoya stands at a height of 5 ft 8 in (approx. 1.72 m).

Adam Montoya's photo
Montoya’s photo

Adam Montoya Family

He was born and also raised in San Diego, California, in the United States under the love of his hardworking father Mat, and unidentified mother. Montoya holds an American nationality by birth but belongs to the white ethnicity.

Adam Montoya Girlfriend | Wife

He is currently in a romantic relationship with his loving and supportive girlfriend Cathy Diep. Just like her boyfriend, Cathy is also a YouTuber with a huge fan base. On her YouTube channel, she posts mainly about lifestyle and food among others. The adorable couple has been together for nearly half a decade.

Adam Montoya Education

He attained his high school diploma from a local high school in San Diego and later furthered his studies at San Diego State University. There, Montoya studied for several years before he was awarded his Bachelor of Arts degree.

Adam Montoya YouTube Seananners

He is a popular YouTuber known for hosting a YouTube channel titled SeaNanners Gaming Channel which has garnered over 5.47 million subscribers. He is known for posting gaming montages, animations, funny moments, and also general online multiplayer shenanigans. His channel has featured numerous popular games including Call of Duty, Minecraft, and Grand Theft Auto. Montoya opened the channel on March 4, 2009, and has currently received over 2.63 billion views.

Adam Montoya Machinima, Inc

Additionally, Montoya worked at Machinima, Inc. a multiplatform online entertainment network owned by Warner Media. He posted a video of his partnership with the entertainment network on his YouTube channel on December 3, 2009. A year later on June 14, he announced that he was a full-time employee of Machinima. However, in February 2019 Machinima officially ceased operations.

Adam Montoya Paranormal Action Squad

Paranormal Action Squad is an adult comedy animated streaming television series that aired in 2016 from November 16 to December 28. It premiered on YouTube Premium, therefore, making it the first animated series launched by YouTube.

It featured several YouTubers including SeaNanners, Mr. Sark, and VanossGaming. Montoya famously known as SeaNanners appeared in the series as Paul. It revolves around a group of six fighting off the paranormal. The series aired for one season with a total of 8 episodes.

Adam Montoya Retiring

Montoya never made a public statement about retiring, however, in 2018 he drastically lowered his release rate from at least one video per week to releasing five videos in a year. During guest appearances on his friends’ videos, he talked about taking a break from YouTube and video creation.

Adam Montoya Net Worth

From his career as a YouTuber, there is no doubt that he has accumulated a desirable amount of fortune. Therefore, Montoya’s average salary is $6 million.

How Old s Adam Montoya

He was born to his parents on June 12, 1984, in San Diego, California, in the United States of America. Therefore, Montoya is 37 years old.

How Much Is Adam Montoya Worth

Judging from his lifestyle, it is quite obvious that he has accumulated a decent amount of wealth over the years. Montoya’s average salary is $6 million.

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