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Gina Marie Gauthier Bio, Wiki, Age, Husband, Divorce, Wedding, and Net Worth

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Gina Marie Gauthier is an American life coach by profession. Before, Gina served as a director of the constituent services for Rep. William J. Jefferson, D-La. Gina is well known as the wife of the famous American Christian minister and Singer. Gina’s husband formerly served as the pastor of the Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center Incorporated later named the Higher Dimensions Family Church, which was one of the largest churches in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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Janaya Khan Activist, Birth Gender, Bio, Age, Height, Partner, Education, and Net Worth

Janaya Khan is an American social activist, author, and competitive amateur boxer. Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Khan is a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto and also an international ambassador for the Black Lives Matter Network. Khan identifies as black, queer, and gender-nonconforming. Much of Khan’s work analyzes intersectional topics such as the Black Lives Matter movement,  organized protest strategies, Black feminism, as well as queer theory.